Locally-raised Meats

Donna and Shelby Sasscer with goats at Fairfield Farm

Donna and Shelby Sasscer with goats
Photo © Edwin Remsberg Photography

We sell high-quality beef, pork, and goat meat fresh from the farm. All of our animals are locally raised on our properties in Park Hall, Maryland, and Scotland, Maryland. We have 30 head of limousin and angus cattle, 20 boer goats, a small flock of laying hens and a small (but expanding) hog operation.

Meats are available for purchase year-round. All animals are sold by their live weight. Animals are taken to a local or USDA butcher facility for processing. You choose how you would like the animal to be processed.

About Our Pork

Sows at Fairfield Farm

Photo © Edwin Remsberg Photography

Fairfield Farm has a small sow operation consisting of Chester Whites, Durocs, and Berkshire sows. Our operation has been certified through the Southern Maryland Meats Program. We are committed to providing your family with food that's safe, nutritious and free of unnecessary additives and by-products. Our pigs have been naturally raised. We treat our animals humanely; our animals are never fed animal by-products and we are conscientious stewards of the environment.

About Our Beef

Our beef operation consists of 30 heads of cattle that are Angus, Limousin, Angus-Limousin Crossbreed cows. Limousin cattle are a French breed that are known for their leaner meat. Our crossbreed Angus-limousin cattle have the great marbling and taste of an Angus but a lot less fat. Over the years we have worked with the Soil Conservation Service to use nutrient waste to improve the environmental management of cattle operation.

Cuts & Pricing

Beef Pork Goat Meat
Half beef Half hog

Where to Buy

Our meats are available for purchase year-round and can be purchased at the Home Grown Farm Market, Chesapeake's Bounty, Keep It Local, and Spider Hall Farm. We also accept pre-orders.

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